This chapter describes how to upgrade your Centreon Map installation. This is done by updating the 3 main component :

  • the Centreon Map server
  • the Centreon Map web client & its widget
  • the desktop client (automatically updated)

Before upgrading Centreon Map server, we highly recommand to make a MySQL dump of your centreon_studio database. This will enable you to easily roll back to the previous situation in case of problem.

Make sure to have a look at the release note to discover feature, fixes & custom procedures.


When updating from version < 18.10 to a version >= 18.10, you need to:

  • Retrieve a new license from Centreon support
  • Make sure your Centreon MAP server is based on CentOS/RH 7. You may use the following procedure to migrate your server: Migrate your Centreon MAP server.

Centreon Map Server


If you are still running a 4.0.X, you have to install and run the server in version 4.1.X first before updating to the current version

The commands to update your Centreon Map server is :

# systemctl stop tomcat
# yum update centreon-map4-server
# systemctl start tomcat

Centreon Map Web client

# yum update centreon-map4-web-client

Then finish the update by going to Administration > Extensions


Don’t forget to also update your widget in Administration > Extensions > Widget

Centreon Map Desktop client

If the user’s computer has access to the Internet, the desktop client is automatically updated to the last version corresponding to the server. Another way is to download the client using the link you can find here : Monitoring > Map | Desktop client