Regardless of Centreon IMP or Centreon EPP mode, a license is required to manage Plugin Packs. If you use Centreon IMP in connected mode, your license will be directly downloaded to your server. Otherwise, contact the Centreon support team.

Access to Plugin Packs

The Plugin Packs are available through:

Centreon Instant Monitoring Platform (IMP) freely shares a limited list of packs to provide a monitoring template set, which you can use in production and for testing.

General requirements

For Centreon Enterprise Monitoring Server (EMS) and Centreon Enterprise Plugin Packs (EPP) subscriptions, you need permission to access the Centreon Plugin Packs repository. This repository will be communicated to you once your subscription starts. For Centreon IMP you simply need an Internet connection: you can subscribe in less that 5 minutes using your credit card.

Here are the software dependencies needed to use Plugins Packs:

Type Version(s)
Operating system RHEL or CentOS 7
Centreon 18.10
Centreon Plugin Pack Manager 18.10

Centreon Plugin Pack Manager

The Centreon Plugin Pack Manager module, included natively in Centreon 3.4, can install, update or remove the Plugin Packs. We recommended that you keep this module regularly updated.

To update Centreon Plugin Pack Manager run the following command:

# yum update centreon-pp-manager

The centreon-pp-manager module is installed by default along with the Centreon software and should not be installed manually.